The Follow Through: Mutual Aid When It is Needed Most

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Since our launch of the volunteer program I have continued to prioritize this "in community, for community" approach to the pandemic.

As businesses began to re-open, I walked the town with our Mayor to explore ways to ensure the safe, physically distanced travel of residents and patrons of our Fairfax businesses. I observed actions being taken elsewhere in region, I spoke with business owners, and I shared my perceptions at numerous town council meetings. Be on the look out for temporary encroachment of businesses into street parking spaces ("Streeteries") over the coming week.

As our attention turned to messaging around "masking-up," I partnered with other superstar residents, spending nights and weekends cutting materials to provide over 100 free masks for our residents and visitors to our Fairfax Food Pantry.

Most recently, in exploring countywide efforts to support residents, I discovered a modest Renter Assistance Program that launched in Corte Madera. Upon investigation with Corte Madera staff and elected officials, on July 27th I wrote a brief report for our Town Manager and Council in support of a similar program launching here in Fairfax. At the August 5th Council Meeting it appeared that such a program had unanimous support and would soon be implemented. This pandemic has impacted broad segments of our town and our county. No resident should be out on the streets because of the unforeseen economic impacts of #COVID19. If we can do something--even if it is a modest gesture--to help families and households in Fairfax have a little less stress and have a little more time to adjust to the impacts of the pandemic, I believe we are obliged to do so. That is how we ensure we are fostering a community of care. Expect the new temporary renter assistance item to be back on the Town of Fairfax Special Town Council Meeting agenda on August 19th. I will be there to speak in favor of this "Renter Assistance Program." I encourage you to join me. -Chance #chanceforfairfax

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