It's a Sign! Chance for Fairfax Town Council 2020

#ChanceforFairfax signs made from reclaimed scrap wood are up and out on the streets!

This #environmentalist walks the talk! We are doing everything we can to ensure we decrease waste and champion a landfill-free campaign. As such we have decided to forgo the plastic yard signs and stick to repainting signs from two previous city council campaigns here in Marin!

(Massive shout out to Mayor Renee Goddard who started the trend, and to Councilmember Urban Carmel Carmel in Mill Valley, who recycled Renée's signs and then passed them along to me after his victory this March!)

I am forever thankful for my partner, Victoria LaSasso, who lent her amazing artistic skills to the process. I'm happy to say we now have 5 sign factories (households) supporting the hand-painted-sign-cause for my campaign!

SOCIAL MEDIA CHALLENEGE If you see one of these works of art out on the street, be sure to take a photo with it and share on social media and tag me! You will get a shout out on my IG and Campaign page, Chance Cutrano for Fairfax Town Council 2020! Someone liked one so much they already stole it in the first 24 hours of posting!

If you are in #Fairfax (or Marin) and want to paint a sign or two, please reach out!


Thank you all for your support. Please like and share this zero-waste initiative

And don't forget to endorse, donate. And share

-Chance ***Update on the stolen campaign sign***

Someone found it/brought it back and screwed it back into the post on Bolinas!

Maybe they checked out the website and decided to help me out?!

#ItsASign #ChanceforFairfax

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