Chance for Fairfax: a Zoom Kickoff Success!

We did it! The pandemic has forced us all to find a new normal in work, in play, and even in electoral races! But we didn't let moving the campaign kick-off to Zoom keep us down.

All told, over 25 guests joined us throughout the Zoom campaign kick-off. Some of my favorite community members and countywide leaders stopped in for some happy-hour cheer, from Mayor Eli Beckman of Corte Madera to Mayor Renee Goddard of our own lovely town of Fairfax! Community members that have served on various important Town Boards and Committees (ex.The Climate Action Committee, Age-Friendly Fairfax, the Affordable Housing Committee, the Volunteer Board, the Open Space Committee, the Planning Commission, and the Tree Committee) also joined the kick-off party to learn more about this "Chance for Fairfax." We had a few special guests: My mother, Linda, who Zoomed in all the way from Chicago, as well as my partner, Victoria, who Zoomed in all the way from her art studio in the other room! There were even some news faces of Fairfax residents I had yet to meet. Check out a snap shot of my "kick-off crew" below:

Intro prompts of "Introduce yourself and how you know Chance" quickly turned into a 40-minute series of testimonials which was, for me, one of the most humbling and cherished moments of my life. Each story helped exemplified how I "show up" in community and demonstrated the passion, leadership skills, and relationship building I will bring to our Fairfax Town Council. I could not have planned for a better way to kick off this campaign. What's more, I was delighted to see so many different "groups" in our community represented at this kick-off party.. Too often, disagreements on issues in small towns can create long term divisions that impede our ability to unite in critical moments and support our residents. Not only can this factionalizing impede our efforts to unite, but it can even undermine our ability to listen. Part of this campaign, I believe, is the opporutnity to hit that "refresh" button and to create space for respectful, generative conflict and productive dialogue--to bring people together. Part of this campaign is a firm recommitment to modeling the civic decency and decorum we aren't seeing on the national stage. Yes, we are passionate, but we are also a community. With each decision we make wee are investing in our collective prosperity.

After a brief stand on my soapbox, discussing my views on a wide range of issues (from equity to climate action to complete streets to innovative solutions to housing affordability and stability), I invited attendees, in close, to think about one (or several) word(s) that they think of when they think about the best of what Fairfax has to offer. They had the opportunity to text those words to a phone number, which would then populate the words to a live, interactive word map! We had some fun with this activity (and I'm relieved the technology worked!) Check out the final product below:

Fairfax is an inspiring, accepting, caring, progressive environmental community/family filled with creativity, diversity, passion, connection, listening, and thinking, shops, music, parks, youth, and leaders. There is plenty of beauty. We are striving to be anti-racist. We have pride. We have respect. We have "small-town-charm." Most importantly, we have fun. And I'm so excited to continue to build out this map of words, stories, hopes, dreams, and visions with all of you on this path to the Fairfax Town Council. -Chance #chanceforfairfax

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