A Sign of The Times: Chance for Fairfax

More and more signs going up around here in #Fairfax!

Shout-out to the sign painting teams that are hard at work! I'm blessed to have world-class artists lending a hand.

Trying to run a #landfillfree campaign isn't easy!

- Painting these reclaimed wooden signs takes a lot of labor power and dedication.

- Uncoated post-consumer waste hangers/mailers with environmentally responsible inks are MUCH more expensive than their heavily subsidized petroleum-based counterparts.

But I'm constantly striving to live my principles. As Teddy Roosevelt said, "Knowing what is right doesn't mean much unless you do what is right."

This endeavor to be a landfill-free campaign is part of an ethic I want to bring to the Fairfax Town Council:

-Live Lightly on the Land -Uniting Community in Purpose -Fostering Goodwill and Community Spirit

Yes, it is taking more time. In these stressful times, we need to slow down and reflect. (I know I do!)

Yes, 100% post-consumer waste materials are costly, but we need to send those price signals into the market if we want to incentivize the right behaviors.

Government should embrace these concepts, too! Our Council NEEDS to slow down,, listen, and reflect. Our efforts on racial justice here in Fairfax show that this is a pathway to a compassionate and inclusive democracy. Our Council NEEDS to make efforts to live our best ideals. If our government is unwilling, then how can we expect our residents to do so?

There is a lot of work ahead of us over the next 48 days. And I welcome your continued support.

Please share my website

And, if you can, make a contribution that is meaningful to you!

- Chance

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