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Updated: Aug 15, 2020

I think I can speak for many of us in saying that at the beginning of March I had no idea this is where I would find myself.

The pandemic has highlighted the cracks in the foundation of this country. Economic, health, and environmental disparities are more apparent than ever before. The Shelter-In-Place order issued on March 17th for Marin County has reoriented our thinking around "essential" activities, rendering visible the frontline workers who we routinely take for granted (grocery store employees, food delivery service providers, nurses, doctors, first responders, utility providers, and other public servants). Many courageous citizens, knowingly or not, stepped up in the midst of this health crisis to ensure that the lights stayed on, the taps continued to flow, and food was on the table. Just days before the Shelter-In-Place order, I had already connected with Town Council members to emphasize the need for proactive support of our community. I recalled the events of last fall, when wildfire threats cause PG&E to shut off power countywide. Many of our residents were left in the dark for over a week. It was a difficult reality we will continue to face as we confront the increased risks of a changing climate. But for some of our Fairfax at-risk residents with preexisting conditions or those aging in place, stranded without cell service or back-up power for refrigeration or lights, the lack of planning is life-threatening. When the pandemic emerged, I knew we couldn't wait for someone else to "save us." We needed to be proactive; we needed to roll up our sleeves and get to work; we needed to take care of our community.

With the leadership of Council member Stephanie Hellman and Mayor Renee Goddard, we quickly assembled a Coronavirus Task Force with the initial goal of launching a volunteer program to support our at-risk community members with essential activities -- from grocery delivery to wellness check-in calls. I've had the privilege of delivering groceries to numerous neighbors during these uncertain times, and I'm proud that nearly 150 other community members have stepped up to support their fellow Fairfaxians. Such stories highlight the best of what Fairfax has to offer. Check out our coverage on KTVU:

With so much need, I have recognized Fairfax requires council members to match the moment. That is why I felt moved to run for Fairfax Town Council this November. I believe I have the passion, the vision, and the leadership to carry us through these uncertain times and beyond.

I look forward to continuing to support Fairfax in whatever way I am needed most, and I welcome your input and your support as I launch my campaign for Town Council. -Chance #chanceforfairfax

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