It is a privilege to be a candidate

for the Fairfax Town Council.


As your Town Council Member:

•  I am committed to ensuring ALL citizens are heard and respected at Town Council meetings and receive meaningful responses.


•  I am committed to maximizing transparency and accountability to the public on Town decision-making processes.


• I am committed to leading from the Council and overseeing excellent execution by staff.

• I am committed to making diversity, equity, and inclusion core to all Town affairs as we actively pursue antiracism in Fairfax.

• I am committed to addressing the severity of the climate crisis as a local and regional leader.

• I am committed to a more rapid response to greenhouse gas reduction and carbon neutrality in Fairfax.

•  I am committed to ensuring maximum Fire, Flood, and other Disaster Preparedness. I support FireWise and NRG initiatives and will expand their coverage.

• I am committed to conserving, preserving, and restoring our open space and the plants and animals that call it home.

• I am committed to enforcing the intention of our ridge-line ordinance to ensure the protection of our scenic byways and other visual resources.


•  I am committed to supporting the economic vitality of small businesses in town, especially throughout this pandemic.

• I am committed to the in-depth exploration of and engagement in creative solutions to housing affordability and stability for all residents.

• I am committed to fair and full reviews of our budget to ensure fiscal responsibility.

• I am committed to working with and for our youth, ensuring they have the support and the services they need to thrive.


My Commitments