Chance Cutrano's COVID Mask Masking Campaign

Chance is proudly endorsed by the following respected organizations & community leaders:






California Democratic Party
Democratic Central Committee of Marin ("Marin Democratic Party")

Marin Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 1775
Ross Valley Firefighters' Association
North Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Marin Women's Political Action Committee**
The Marin Independent Journal Editorial Board
California Young Democrats
Marin County Young Democrats
California Democratic Renters Council

Sunrise Marin Youth Hub
Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Renée Goddard, Mayor, Fairfax Town Council*

Stephanie Hellman, Fairfax Town Council Member*
Larry Bragman, Director, Marin Municipal Water District, Div. 3* and Former Mayor of Fairfax 
Mike McGuire, California State Senator (Dist. 2)*

Dennis Rodoni, Marin County Supervisor (Dist. 4)*

Damon Connolly, Marin County Supervisor (Dist. 1)*
David Weinsoff, Former Mayor of Fairfax

Mary Ann Maggiore, Former Mayor of Fairfax
Wendy Baker, Former Mayor of Fairfax
Lew Tremaine, Three-Time Mayor of Fairfax
Pamela Meigs, Ross Valley Sanitary District Boardmember* and Former Planning Commission Chai
Ryan O'Neil, Ross Valley School District Trustee* and Former Fairfax Town Councilmember

Annelise Bauer, Ross Valley School District Trustee*

Ford Greene, Mayor, San Anselmo Town Council*

Steve Burdo, San Anselmo Town Councilmember*

Alexis Fineman, San Anselmo Town Councilmember*

Eli Beckman, Mayor, Corte Madera Town Council*
David Kunhardt, Vice-Mayor, Corte Madera Town Council*

Charles Lee, Corte Madera Town Councilmember*

Urban Carmel, Mill Valley City Council*
Holli Thier, Vice-Mayor, Tiburon Town Council*

Cynthia Koehler, Director, Marin Municipal Water District, Div. 4*

Rick Fraites, North Marin Water District Boardmember (Dist. 5)*

Judy Schriebman, Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District Boardmember*


Jody Timms, Age-Friendly Fairfax Chair*, Marin Commission on Aging*, Fairfax Climate Action Committee*

Lisel Blash, Fairfax Affordable Housing Committee* and Former Boardmember of Sustainable Fairfax
Mallory Geitheim, Fairfax Affordable Housing Committee*
Kiki La Porta, Fairfax Climate Action Committee* &  Marin Environmental Housing Collaborative Boardmember*
Walt Vernon, Fairfax Climate Action Committee Chair*
Joanne Lasnier, Fairfax Climate Action Committee* & Firewise/Safety Leader for Canyon Village

Jack Judkins, Fairfax Open Space Committee*
Susan Pascal Beran, Fairfax Open Space Committee Chai
r* & Fairfax-Artist-in-Residence*
Ruth Horn, Fairfax Open Space Committee*
Chris Borjian, Fairfax Open Space Committee* & Fairfax Parks and Rec Committee*
Brad Handel, Fairfax Open Space Committee*

Jonathan Sicroff, Fairfax Open Space Committee*

Charles Cornwell, Former Fairfax Open Space Committee

Shelly Clark, Fairfax Planning Commission* and Former Fairfax Open Space Committee

Shelly Hamilton, Former Fairfax Planning Commissioner & Nonprofit Communications Specialist
Shelby LaMotte, Former Fairfax Planning Commission

George "Geo" Taylor, Fairfax Volunteer Board Chair* & Firewise/Safety Leader for Cascade Canyon
Holly Bragman, Former Fairfax Volunteer Board Chair
Georgia Gibbs, Fairfax Volunteer Board*, Fairfax-Artist-in-Residence*, & Firewise/Safety Leader for Deer Park 
Woolf Barnato, Fairfax Volunteer Board*
Veronica Geretz, Fairfax Volunteer Board*

Jesse Hoffman, Fairfax Volunteer Board*

Marcia Custer, Fairfax Volunteer Board*


Marty Griffin, Founder of Audubon Canyon Ranch and author of Saving the Marin-Sonoma Coast

Patricia Arrigoni, Marin Women’s Hall of Fame (2018), author of Making the Most of Marin, and Co-founder of the Marine Mammal Center
Todd Lando, Vice-President of FIRESafeMarin*

Barbara Bogard, Pesticide Free Marin* and Plastic Free Marin*
Marilyn Price, Founder of Trips for Kids
Anna Pletcher, Marin Women's Commission (Dist. 3 Commissioner)* & Volunteer Judge for Marin County Youth Court*
Fabrice Florin, Founder of the Green Change network
Laurel Druke, President of the Marin County Young Democrats
Larry Fahn, Former President of the Sierra Club 

Max Perrey, Former Sierra Club Marin Group Chair

Teri Shore, Greenbelt Alliance*

David Smadbeck, Executive Director of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce
Bob Kopelman, Former Executive Director of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce
Brenna Gubbins

Andy Peri, Former Advocacy Director of Marin County Bicycle Coalition*

Stephen Keese, Former Marin Civil Grand Jury and Former Peace Corps

Elizabeth Baker, Former President of Sustainable Fairfax

Yvonne Roberts, Firewise Neighborhood Committee Leader & Fairfax Theatre Company Board Treasurer*

Jennifer Hammond, Former Executive Director of Sustainable Fairfax
Laura Vernon, Executive Director of Sustainable Fairfax*

Maya Butterfield, Fairfax Chamber of Commerce* & Coronavirus Taskforce

Amy Flynn, Fairfax NRG Coordinator*

Don Carney, Founder of Youth Restoring Justice* (aka "Marin Youth Court")
Sandy Handsher, ICE Out of Marin*
Ruth Binder, SURJ Marin*

Charlotte Fuller, Former Fairfax Artist in Residence
Steve Katz

Rachelle Averbach

Joy Sassoon

Michael Rosenthal

Chris Kenton

Linda Kenton

Tim Ezekial
Wendy Lee

Gary Roth
Roni Krouzman
Jimmy Geraghty

Alexis Lynch

Kristin Asher
Hanan Peck
Todd Donaldson

Naomi Schultz
Zianah Griffin, Co-founder of BIPOC of Marin*
Colin Kelly

Arijit Sen, Former Fairfax Planning Department Intern

William Combi

*Titles are for identification purposes only
** The Marin Women's Political Action Committee only "recommends" male candidate

Sunrise Movement Endorsement Seal
North Bay Labor Council AFL-CIO
Democratic Central Committee of Marin Seal
Marin Professioal Firefighters Seal
Marin Women's Political Actin Commitee
Marin Independent Journal Logo



Renee Goddard

Mayor, Fairfax Town Council*

"Fairfax needs a voice that speaks the language of agility and embodies the wisdom of the generation that will move Fairfax forward. Chance's inclusive, measured approach to policymaking and commitment to hard work will inspire creativity, collaboration, and greater participation in designing our community’s future."


Stephanie Hellman

Councilmember, Fairfax Town Council*

"I had the honor of working with Chance on initiatives vital to Fairfax in these difficult times— the Fairfax Rental Assistance program, the Coronavirus Taskforce, and the 1:1 Volunteer Matching Program, which now serves as a model for other communities helping neighbors in need. I welcome his energy, ideas, and strong work ethic."


Larry Bragman

Director, Marin Municipal Water District, Div. 3* and Former Mayor of Fairfax

"It's time for a new generation of leadership to be represented on the Fairfax Town Council. I'm confident that Chance’s background and experience give him the tools needed for the job. More importantly, Chance’s heart is in the right place. He has my endorsement and full support."

Mary Ann Maggoire.jpg

Mary Ann Maggoire

Former Mayor of Fairfax

"I believe Chance's volunteer work has shown him to be devoted to the Town and his professional livelihood in environmental issues makes him an authority the Town of Fairfax can rely upon. Chance's openness to ideas that will preserve our earth and bring people energetically together show his commitment to Fairfax values. The Town needs his guidance and will be well supported by it." 

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