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The Future of Fairfax

Fairfax is adapting to unprecedented times. The challenges we face—climate change; emergency preparedness; economic wellbeing—require new solutions-oriented thinking. Recently, when the Shelter-in-Place order took effect, I spearheaded a volunteer program to deliver support to neighbors in need. I will bring that spirit to the Town Council so that it can be harnessed to make our Town better prepared and united in purpose. 

Government works best when people step up and serve. We can’t wait for solutions to come to us. What we practice here sets the pattern for the whole system. We need a Council that is committed to rolling up their sleeves; a Council that is in community and for community; a council that thinks proactively about how we best preserve our Fairfax charm. 

I will bring these qualities to our Town Council.


Over the past few years, pouring my time and care into this community, I've come to find that everything moves at the speed of trust. My orientation as a "listening leader" can hold space and build trust in ways that open up dialogue and create an opportunity for wonder, excitement, and creativity. The world is ripe for reinvention. With your support, we can invent a compassionate government and a resilient community. 

I look forward to this journey with you.


"As your Town Council member I will take my passion and my work ethic to Council, rolling-up my sleeves and giving the Town's challenges and opportunities the attention they deserve."


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